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Equation Builder Deck Building Game

$ 44.99 $ 59.99

Equation Builder is a mathematics based deck building game that teaches players to create basic to advanced equations with their cards.

Equation Builder was originally created to assist our five year old, who was struggling with mathematical concepts.
It began as a pen and paper game and evolved into what it is today. It has successfully aided in teaching our children the basics of math while continually challenging their current skills.

This game is more than a bunch of flash cards! It has been toughly tested and designed with education in mind. When you integrate this game into your teaching plans your students will be learning higher order thinking skills by putting together their own equations repeatedly. They will be drawing assosciations from their daily lessons and their peers will fact cfheck their work. This game aims to make math relevant, reapeatable, and challenging. Our greatest hope is that this game will help other kids learn to be more proficient in the use of mathematics regardless of their current level.