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Eden Studios Presents Vol.2

$ 14.99

Your Guide to the Unisystem: Volume 2

Welcome to the second volume of Eden Studios Presents (ESP). This issue focuses on the dead and loving them. Vampires, vampyres, zombies, and apes forgotten by time can be found between these covers! If you love the dead, this issue is all for you.

ESP, Volume 2 features:

The first book of the ESP series features:

  • Dead Ops, James Wilber's much anticipated AFMBE scenario.

    •  The Apes that Time Forget, a Terra Primate Apeworld by Gerry Sarraco.

    •  Crossover rules from Jason Vey combining vampires from the cinematic and classic Unisystem game lines.

    •  Rules for expanding your vampires tales from Alessandro Gandini and Peter Trueman.

    •  New zombies to spread the love from Andrew Ferguson.

    •  An article on vamps gone good in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel roleplaying games.

    •  Background on the Scepter of Penance from Charlie VonEschen.

    •  Cover by Sam Araya.