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Earthdawn: Player's Guide - Revised

$ 29.99


Before science, before history, an era of magic existed in our world's dim past. Magic flowed freely, touching every aspect of the lives of men and women of the Namegiver races. It was an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and mythical stories. It was the Age of Legend.

Bold heroes from all across Barsaive band together-ready to fight for life and freedom against the remaining Horrors and the oppressive Theran Empire, which seeks to bend the rebellious province again to their yoke. Through noble deeds and sacrifice, the heroes of the world forge Barsaive's future, arming themselves for their daunting task with powerful magic and treasures.

The Earthdawn® Player's Guide takes player characters from First to Eighth Circle in their Disciplines and contains revised game mechanics, spells, talents, skills, and much more!

The Revised Edition of Earthdawn® supersedes the ED3 (third) edition, previously published by RedBrick LLC. However, if you already own or are using ED3 rulebooks or sourcebooks, they are completely compatible with the Earthdawn Revised Edition.

Earthdawn Player's GuideTM
Revised Edition Core Rulebook
Published by FASA Games, Inc.
Format: 336 pages, ~6" x 9", B+W Interior

This core rulebook is for Players and Game Masters. For a complete Barsaive game experience, the GM will require a copy of the Earthdawn Game Master's Guide (due out in October 2012).

Earthdawn is a registered trademark of FASA Corporation. Barsaive and Earthdawn Player's Guide are trademarks of FASA Corporation. FASA and the FASA logo are trademarks of FASA Corporation and are used under license. Original Earthdawn Material copyright © 1993-2012 FASA Corporation. Published by FASA Games, Inc. - Made in the United States of America. Copyright © 2012 FASA Corporation. All rights reserved.