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Earthdawn: Legends of Barsaive - Haven Volume 1 (4E)

$ 39.99

   Legends born in the shadows of ruin. The adventurer’s paradise of Haven flourishes, while a dark power within the adjacent ruins of Parlainth stirs. Parlainth was once Thera’s crown jewel in Barsaive, but the opulent city was brought low during the Scourge. When Namegivers first returned to the world, a group of adepts came together to found a town on the ruin’s borders. From this town, countless young heroes have embarked on quests for fortune and glory.

     Nearly five years after the end of the Second Theran War, more heroes than ever before flock to the chaotic frontier town. The troll explorer-turned-mayor, Torgak, is getting on in years. The Association of Unaffiliated Explorers agitates for fair and balanced elections to appoint his replacement. The dwarf merchants of Throal and vested Theran interests eye the changing market hungrily. With so many looking to Haven’s political future, it has fallen to private interests, the Adventuring Companies of Haven, to ensure that Barsaive’s next generation of heroes do not fall to ignoble fates. This sourcebook provides a description of Haven’s history and lays out its prominent players as of 1517 TH. It provides additional rules and guidelines for players as well as gamemasters who wish to participate in the Earthdawn community’s Legends of Barsaive adventures that are run at various tables around the globe. This text also provides guidelines for running Legends of Barsaive adventures as a campaign at your home table.  In addition to the revised and expanded Haven Guidebook, this book collects the first eight Legends of Barsaive adventures: Toys in the Attic, Lip Service, Separation Anxiety, That Which Was Lost, Games of the Hungry, Glass Houses, Heavy Metal Queen, and Brain Scratch.