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Earthdawn: Legends of Barsaive 06 - Glass Houses (4E)

$ 5.00

The growing anti-Haven movement among the surrounding villages, ravaged by Horrors and constructs fleeing the Adepts who have been cleansing Parlainth from their base in the town of Haven, has cut off food and other supply shipments. The followers of Harga, the Nethermancer who has roused the countryside against the Adept base, have become steadily more militant, more cruel, more demanding of unquestioning obedience within their ranks. While Torgak and the AUE battle it out for political supremacy, Cleotha Splayfoot has been releasing supplies from her own reserves to keep Haven from starving, but she's got limits. Will the Adventuring Companies be able to sort this out, bring peace ot the countryside, settle the issues in Haven, and maybe forge a truce between the Adepts and the farmers, who need each other and maybe have forgotten this?