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Earthdawn: Character Journal

$ 7.99

For hundreds of years, the Horrors forced the people of Barsaive to hide underground in their protective kaers. But now the Scourge is over. Heroes explore the world's ruins, fighting the last remnants of the Horrors, and defending the common folk as they rebuild their lives on the surface.

This resource will chronicle the growth of your character from their first steps as a novice to the ranks of a true master of their Discipline, an icon that inspires the next generation to carry on the fight. Drive back the darkness and forge your own legend. A world of forgotten secrets, hidden treasures, mysterious magic, and epic adventure awaits!

This 32 page booklet contains:

  • Expanded space for Talents, spells, thread items, animal companions, and many other aspects of your character.
  • A selection of the most commonly used reference charts and tables from the rules.
  • A record of achievements, rewards, allies, and enemies of your character and group.
  • Space to record your character's background, appearance, and other information.