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Earthdawn: Champion’s Challenge Volume 1 - The Journey Begins (Graphic Novel)

$ 19.99

  B’zhet was always different, but he didn’t consider that a good thing. His k’stulaa flaps cause him problems and training bouts with his sisters leave him battered and bruised more than triumphant. His uncle Hull says he was specially chosen, but B’zhet finds the old t’skrang’s lessons leave him frustrated. That all changes when an envoy arrives at the village and issues a challenge--one steeped in almost forgotten legends. While the elders stall for time, Hull presses his staff into B’zhet’s hands and urges him to “Find Nymandus!” With only those brief instructions, B’zhet finds himself outside the village’s protective dome as it is activated for the first time in decades, and faced with many questions. Who is Nymandus? Where is Nymandus? And why, of all people, was B’zhet chosen for this task?