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Earthdawn: Ardanyan's Revenge

$ 12.50


When the Scourge was imminent, the people of the town of Ardanyan sought shelter in an underground kaer, expecting only the Horrors to be a threat. During the centuries of confinement, small quarrels grew into conflicts, which in turn developed into blood feuds and racial hatred. The Horrors would glady have fed on Kaer Ardanyan—if only they had found it...


For generations a secret society betrayed the unsuspecting citizens of Ardanyan. Now it struggles to keep its terrible secret. The player characters are the spark igniting a bonfire of intrigue, deceit, and illusion. But the heroes have to be careful not to fall victim to the flames while on their dangerous quest to save the residents of a lost kaer!


Ardanyan's Revenge is an adventure supplement for Earthdawn Third Edition. Intended for Initiate and Novice characters of any Discipline, this book provides comprehensive information on starting an Earthdawn game for kaer-dwelling characters, but integrates easily into any running Earthdawn campaign. Requires use of the Earthdawn Third Edition Player's and Gamemaster's Guides.