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Dungeons of Draggmar

$ 54.00

In this new dynamic fast paced action card game explore forgotten dungeons, keeps and fortresses. Defeat monsters, demons and bandits lurking in the forgotten tunnels through Draggmar and claim fame and riches.

The game is full of tactics and hard decisions that could result in a huge punishment if not played wisely. Dungeons Of Draggmar is a game where you will lose a lot but every victory will make you celebrate and enjoy the next step of your conquest even more!

  • An easy to learn experience for new players and fun for experienced ones
  • Replay value and a possibility of choosing the difficulty of the game
  • A dynamic, fast, and intense system
  • The game is for 1-4 players

Dungeons Of Draggmar is a fast paced action driven card game. The game takes place in rounds called Dungeon Runs where a player tries to conquer a dungeon using his Heroes and Items and claim the head of the Boss at the end of the run. Of course most of the runs end in failure but then there is always a second chance to be successful!

Earn FAME after every Dungeon Run, hire stronger Heroes, grab better Items and head again straight to the darkness of the deepest dungeon and claim victory!

You need to constantly be prepared, think in advance, sometimes trick or get help from other players and sometimes work alone to achieve your goal!