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Dungeon Digger

$ 50.00

Dungeon Digger is a dungeon building game where players take on the role of horrible Dungeon Lords ready to sacrifice their servants, the Stooges, to dig the most intricate underground dungeon and annihilate their opponents.

Dungeon Digger is a competitive comic-fantasy boardgame populated by weird heroes, Stooges, ridiculous Lords of the Dungeons, lethal traps and humid, stinky dark tunnels!

My Lord, welcome to Dungeon Digger!

You’ve been turned and hunted for years, they stole thy precious treasures, destroyed thy dens, but now the time has come to say “no more!” You finally came to the very heart of the Underdarker’s last unexplored part, Mount Peril, to set the foundations of thy dominion of true terror and cruelty, but… the only workers you can rely on are a bunch of useless, clumsy, exploitable, stupid and expendables Stooges! Will you be able to lead an army of incompetent servants and to exploi… ehm to push them enough to build the best dungeon of all and become the Lord of the Lords of the Dungeon?

The strengths of this game reside in:

  • Strategic building game that lets you try different game scenarios and will entertain you for hours of fun!
  • A typical game lasts one hour, including the explanation; so your Stooges know who’s the boss!
  • Super funny illustrations depicting the Stooges typical life and an easy self-explaining graphic design.
  • Fortune factor and randomness are reduced to a minimum thanks to a balanced Order system and the possibility to swap the tiles they can choose among. If you lose a Dungeon Digger game the fault will be mostly yours