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DTotSprawl #03: Band on the Run PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 7.99

Put on those shades, run a self-diagnostic on your implanted chrome and prepare to hit the mean streets!

Someone wants to put an old rock band back together, easy right?


What should be a simple investigative case has the characters scouring the Conurbation, the deregulated zone, the Amazon rainforest and the Gobi Desert.

Daring Tales of the Sprawl: Band on the Run pits the heroes against kidnappers, eco-terrorists and a biker gang, not to mention pitching them into the midst of a corporate war!

Daring Tales of the Sprawl is designed to be used with the award winning Savage Worlds RPG.

Author: Kevin L. Anderson

Page count: 25

Tech Note: Active EbookTM Some of the features of this ebook require Adobe Javascript. Please use Adobe Reader