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Doomtown: Deputy Event Kit 2016

$ 59.99

Each store can run its own Deputy tournament, giving one player the bragging rights to the title of Store Deputy.

This is an upgraded kit that in addition to containing its own alternate art action and deed cards, will contain an alternate art dude card for the top eight spots as well as a metal deputy badge, engraved with the words, “Doomtown Reloaded Deputy 2015” for the overall winner.

Each store will be able to run these events twice per year, and it will be the only way for players to win this badge. The badge will be re-made and updated each year to go with an updated kit.

Like the basic Organized Play (OP) kits, each Deputy Kit will be sold to retail game stores for the purpose of hosting these special tournaments.

Also like the basic OP kit, there will be a promotional poster and letter guiding the store on running their event, together with deck tins, a special playmat and alternate art promo cards for winners and participants. The Deputy Kit will also include a third alternate art promo card, not available anywhere else.