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Desolation (Ubiquity System) PDF

$ 20.00

Desolation (Ubiquity System) PDF is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

High Fantasy, Brought Low.

The sky turned red, the ground split, the oceans flooded, fire rained down, mythical beasts awoke and magic lashed out. When the Night of Fire ended, nine out of every 10 people in Scondera were dead. The Long Winter killed countless more.

You survived.

Desolation is a post-apocalyptic fantasy roleplaying game set 18 months after a high-fantasy world was nearly brought to an end. You create a character who survived the devastation. Will you seize power amidst the chaos, help to rebuild civilization, remap the twisted remains of the world ... or will you even survive another day?

The story is yours to tell.

Desolation's 256 pages contain everything needed to play, including a complete setting, seven playable races, free-form magic rules and the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, which emphasizes story and streamlined gaming.

This downloadable .zip file (32MB) includes a full PDF of Desolation, a full printer-friendly PDF of Desolation and, as an added bonus, "the Price of Admission" scenario. The PDFs are bookmarked for ease of use.