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Dept. 13, Mini-Game #64 PDF

$ 4.99

Agent D spun around as the Nazi ghoul rushed her.  With a sure hand she fired off three quick shots from her pistol while turning to deliver a hard kick to the groin of the Nazi soldier trying to grab her from behind.  “We might want to hurry my dear,” Offer Agent Y as he cut another of the Nazi undead down with his cane sword, “We have to stop that mad fool Field Marshal Knonner before he finishes the ritual and summons one of the elder gods.  This is Dept.13 is a great addition to the S&G line of games from Avalon Games.  Taking the S&G skirmish game system and add to it super spies, Nazi undead, occult horror and high tech science.  Dept. 13 is a great mix of genres, all creating the wild world of a hidden war of occult and high tech suspense.