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Dept. 13, Armageddon’s Dance, Mini-Game #70 PDF

$ 2.49

Agent D ducked under the Neco Ghouls grasping claws as she fired her pistol, blowing the undead Nazi’s head clean off.  “Damn nasty thing,” she said as she took off at a run down the steel plated hall.  She had to reach the ritual chamber before the madman Knonner set off events that would shatter the world.

Armageddon’s Dance is the first in a series of linked scenarios for the Dept. 13 game system.  Play these linked games and live through one of the exciting missions of the department’s best agents.  See if your heroes can defeat the mad Nazi’s before they bring the downfall of mankind and return to the world the Elder Gods.

Note that this is not a complete game, and will require that you have Dept. 13 sets #1, #2 and #3.