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Deniable RPG

$ 14.99

  AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Deniable is the very British satirical story game for small groups. It tips its hat to wonderfully wicked British TV espionage series such as Spy, The Wrong Mans, Dad’s Army, and movies like Snatch and Attack The Block… but it’s so much more! It’s all about decidedly average - well, less than average - people coerced into doing odd jobs for a shadowy espionage organisation. It revels in the lives of little people caught up in big events, and of small drama made into epics fiascos. The game not only has players taking on the roles of protagonists, but also the family, friends, lovers and other extras that get in the way of a simple life.

     With Deniable, you be laughing until you cry! 108 rulebook, including walkthrough and extensive example of play. Printable and online character sheets. Access to free playbooks (treatments). Zero prep gaming for 3-4 players (no, really!). Fast: plays in around 2 hours per episode. Mimics British tv dramas, so you know it's good. All wrapped up to deliver hilarious satire...