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Demonworld Miniatures: Dwarf Army Book

$ 19.95

     For centuries, the Dwarven realms have prospered through relentless innovation and prudent trade policies. This prosperity gave them a head start against the demon invasion when it first began. Fortified settlements, advanced weaponry, and an unmatched military force gave the Dwarves what was needed to repel the first wave of horror that came from the swamps and hills. The first five years of fighting demons has had its share of hardships, but Dwarves are known for being stubborn. Life has remained relatively unchanged under the mountains of Gaeta and Z'Hara.

     But while the demons charged at their gates, a new adversary walked into their lands, unseen. An entire tribe of Thayan warriors landed on Z'Haran lands and claimed them for their own. Hardly ones to allow such audacity, the Dwarves retaliated and decimated the Thain tribe. The only survivors were a group of Shifters, Thain warriors who posses the power to transform into animals, who vowed to return to their island home and gather reinforcements who would help them claim their vengeance.

     Now, with the threat of Thain revenge looming in the west and the demons gaining ground with every passing year, the Dwarves have no choice but to arm themselves against the outside world. War is not stranger to Dwarven lands, but fighting two wars at once will be a new challenge. Take command of brave warriors, valorous heroes, and mighty war machines. Lead the Dwarven forces to victory against the savage Thain tribes. Defend your lands from demons that seem to leap from children's nightmares. Claim glory and honor as the leader