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Demonworld: Demonworld Armies - Orcs

$ 19.99

ORCS! A cry feared equally by the peoples of the eastern reaches of the Empire and the Dwarves of Gaeta-a word synonymous with death and destruction, rape and pillage.

This DEMONWORLD army book describes the hard-hitting armies, units, commanders and special troop types of all the Orc clans. In addition to detailed unit descriptions, and overview map, colour illustrations for painting your miniatures, and a new spell list for Orc shamans, you will also fins complete rules for recruiting Orc armies.

The 45 new recruitment cards included provide all the information needed to play units as diverse as Ogres, Wyvern Riders, Harpies, Minotaurs, Bronze Giants or Goblin Spider Archers, as well as famous commanders such as Brallgut Stoneskull, Khazzar ot Trazzag. The cost and effects of artefacts such as the Dragonblade, Daggobarr's Mask or the Crimson Crystal are also provided.

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Manufactured by: FASA