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Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures

$ 34.95

There are horrors so unimaginable that they can propel a person to the edges of their sanity. Evils so dark that they threaten to consume the world and plunge it into eternal night. Those threats manifest within terrible creatures from the hell dimension of Bazaroth, wielding incredible powers and hungering for domination. Demons are real, and they are arriving. Your team of operatives is humanity’s last line of defence against the coming infernal darkness. As a player character, you’ll assume the role of an elite operative inside Demon City. Demonicity: Role-Playing Adventures is a group storytelling game about Earth’s forsaken Demon City, and its emerging horrors that are breaking through from the hell dimension. Includes a 32-page full-colour rulebook, 6 brief story scenarios, 6 pre-generated player character sheets, and 4 custom-etched dice.