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Demon Dice

$ 10.00

Whole demons recycle pretty quickly. They're up on the surface world, get completely destroyed, show up down here and - poof - they're sent right back up to do more evil. But when the demon is chopped up in a grand battle, where do all those parts go? First of all, you have to fill out a Partial Death Certificate, adjust the Demon Parts Inventory Record, ya da ya da ya da. Well, those parts end up going into a big pile where all the Demon Creation Specialists, Junior Grade use them to create a new demon. Grab a claw here, a tail there, an eye beam, whatever you can find. But, if you create one good enough, and it proves itself in the test of battle, you might have your demon promoted and set forth on the surface to create mayhem. Demon Dice is the zany game of eternal damnation using dice with different abilities on the faces. In Demon Dice you put together your demon using different collectible dice to wage war against another player's demon.