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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc.: Demon Codex: Lochs PDF

$ 9.99

Swim with Fallen Overlords
We were shoved from our thrones and poisoned with horrible magic called the Contagion. We left Domainya in search of a cure and found help on Earth, but the Loch Spandrels have been taken over by beings far worse than us. Should we ignore the cries for help? And if we do... how long can we stand it?

In a Fight to Reclaim their Power
Demon Codex: Lochs is the first racial sourcebook for Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. It is a complete guide for players and GMs to the Lochs and other newly introduced aquatic races. Details on the Loch culture, their struggle with lost power and fall from grace, their research into the Half-Loch phenomenon, and their calling to return await within.

Demon Codex: Lochs Includes
- Information on all the aspects of Loch existence on Earth and in Domainya
- New Passions, Gifts and Drawbacks, and Aquatic Magic
- Playable Aquatic Races, including the power hungry Voltics and the Scryers, creators of the Contagion

This is a PDF downloadable title.