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Dementalism Expansion 02: Holy Crap

$ 14.95

Perhaps a bit of divine intervention will save your shiny wazoo...Remember all those clones you accidentally let escape from the primordial soup kitchen back in the day? Well, they're out wandering the countryside and if you and your pals can't bring them back you're going to lose your job or get fed to something horrible. It's a good thing all these assorted Holy Rollers are willing to put in a good word with the gawds on your behalf. Of course, the gawds tend to be rather fickle, so it's up to them whether to do you a solid or hurl you a snub. Good luck. May be played on its own or added to the Dementalism: An Ingenious Game of Ingenious Ingeniousness deck (MOC30001) and other Dementalism expansions. Introduces Holy Roller cards to the game.

Contents: 72 cards+12 bonus cards, instructions, shrink-wrapped tuck box