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Deck of Many Encounters (5E)

$ 22.00

Experience thrilling gameplay with your friends as you play dice with goblins, groove to the beat of a skeleton band, or defend yourself against lethal pillows and brooms. Engage in heated debates with orcs over maps and be prepared to get teleported to a random bedroom or tempted by magical pies!
Unleash the power of chance in your role-playing games with our Deck of Many Encounters! This unique product features a collection of 24 two-sided cards packed with diverse and engaging dungeon encounters.

On one side, players can dive into thrilling situations like dice games with crafty goblins, musical jams with skeleton bands, or an unexpected teleportation to a random bedroom. The flip side, specifically designed for the dungeon master, holds the details and secrets of the encounter.

From surviving the whimsical peril of lethal pillows and brooms to tasting magically enchanted pies, or negotiating the terrain with argumentative orks, the Deck of Many Encounters transforms every gameplay into an adventure filled with surprises.

Experience the thrill of the unexpected. Add the Deck of Many Encounters to your gaming arsenal today!
Deck of Many Encounters was designed to be most compatible with the 5th edition of d&d, but should work with little or no conversion with any d20-based fantasy RPG.
Encounters are designed to be interesting and diverse. While the encounters should be solvable by parties of any level, they will be most challenging for characters of entry levels.