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Deadlands: The Big Easy Card Game

$ 30.00

'The Big Easy' is a competitive card game set in alternate history New Orleans. Designed by renowned Deadlands author and creator of Deadlands Noir, John Goff, the Big Easy pits players against each other as private investigators competing to solve a brutal crime.

In The Big Easy, all players play from the same deck of cards as they move around the city in search of a suspect, motive, and a piece of evidence. The first player to come up with all three clues solves the case and wins the game.

At each location they visit, however, the detectives must overcome some obstacle or threat, ranging from organized criminals to diabolical cultists and demons. As if that weren't enough, their rival detectives are always meddling in their investigation, trying to slow them down and steal the vital lead for themselves.

With cunning, guts, and a little luck, you should be able to keep your enemies at bay long enough to crack the case and clean up the streets of The Big Easy.

Contains: 162 Cards, 1 Token Sheet and a Rulebook