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Deadlands: Lost Colony – Maw of Oblivion (SWADE)

$ 24.99

The adventures in Deadlands: Lost Colony continue…

Beings of ancient, ultimate evil roam the Faraway System in the flesh. The time has come to end them once and for all.

Food, water, and oxygen are in short supply throughout the Belt as Famine’s power grows. Vanessa Hellstromme has the Reckoner in her sights, but a crew of desperate heroes caught in the middle just might have what it takes to save the Belt–without making a deal with the devil.

The Maw of Oblivion contains a Plot Point Campaign sealing the final fate of Famine, a gazetteer with information on the people and places of the Belt, and new gear and character options for heroes flying deeper into the Dark. Numerous Savage Tales detail dangers and opportunities in the isolated Faraway System.