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Deadlands: Dead Man's Hand -- Graphic Novel

$ 19.99

This is a collection of one-shot stories set in the Weird West world of Deadlands, created by Shane Lacy Hensley. Each story features some of the industry's top creators and each story shows a different aspect of the Deadlands world.


Black Water

JEFF MARIOTTE & BROOK TURNER weave a tale of mysticism, eternal love, and maybe a sea monster or two in 'Black  Water,' as a wealthy man searches the Great Maze of a shattered California for the beautiful woman who has haunted his dreams for decades.

Death Was Silent

A silent bounty hunter rides into a remote town, but the town holds dark secrets that may turn the hunter into the hunted. Superstars RON MARZ and BART SEARS team up for a Weird Western tale unlike any other!

The Devil's Six Gun

The Havey Award-winning HIGH MOON team of DAVID GALLAHER & STEVE ELLIS tell the story of inventor Copernicus Blackburne, who risks even his immortal soul in his Faustian quest to build 'The Devil's Six-Gun!'

Massacre at Red Wing

Written by Jonah Hex scribes Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray, 'Massacre at Red Wing' tells the story of Clementime, a warrior woman who journeys south in search of her mother, swearing to kill anyone and anything that gets in the way.