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Deadlands: 20th Fate Chips

$ 29.99

This pack of forty custom poker chips has everything you’d need for a Deadlands Fate Chip pot: 20 white chips featuring the everyday “meat-and-potatoes” visage of Reverend Grimme, 10 blood-red chips throbbing with Raven’s anger, 5 cold blue chips with the remorseless Stone and the steel of his guns, and 5 Legend chips with the gold glint of Darius Hellstromme’s clockwork brass. Each reverse shows the Deadlands logo, just to help keep you grounded.

Designed for use as Fate Chips for Savage Worlds’ Deadlands: Reloaded, these custom poker chips could be used as counters or tokens for nearly any game.

40 chips, 4 styles, 11.5 gram ABS composite casino-style poker chips