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Dark Legacies Player's Guide

$ 25.95

The Dark Legacies Player's Guide is a dark fantasy d20 System sourcebook that provides all the rules necessary for gritty low-magic gaming, as well as enough setting material to get started on a Dark Legacies campaign, including: o New and variant races, from humans to half-demon hybrids
o Unique classes tailored to low-magic gaming, including the arcanist, lurker, and priest
o New skills, feats, and adventuring guidelines detailing alternatives to combat
o A complete arms and equipment section, including mechanical weaponry, piecemeal armor, and expanded weapon and armor upgrades
o A dark new spellcasting system that adds casting difficulty and moral ramifications to magic use
o 60 new demonic spells (behold the Armageddon Device!)
o Grit & Consequences: supplemental rules covering lethal combat and the consequences of using magic, including a complete spell failure system, corrupting taint, and demonic possession
o Brand new "Voice" mechanic used by priests to summon supernatural powers
o A full color map of post-Reversion Earth