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Dark Dungeon #5, Character Builder, Mini-Game #33 PDF

$ 2.49

Yarm was young, still to young to think much about his future, but he still knew, deep in his heart, that some day he would be a great adventurer, just like his Papa. Papa though, had not yet returned from his latest expedition into the dark dungeons under the city, and Ma was burning dinner as usual as she worried about her stout husband. Taking his small wooden battle axe, Yarm played a game of kill the goblin, hacking at invisible green folk with wild abandon. Someday, someday he though, I'll be a great dwarven warrior, just like my Papa.

This is Dark Dungeon, Character Builder, the newest Dark Dungeon expansion for the solo system presented by Avalon Games. Have you grown tired of using the same group of characters that is supplied with the core game, want to make your own characters, well now you can! Full rules are given on how to generate characters for the Dark Dungeon system, new spells and three new pre-designed characters are included.