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Dark Dungeon #3, Crypt of the Damed, Mini-Game #22 PDF

$ 2.49

Freddo pulled his sword out of the rotting corpse of the zombie and watched the thing died for the second time. The hard warrior wiped his brow and took a moment to catch his breath before he and the rest of his group continued on down the dark passage. He had signed up to aid this group of young adventurers as they took their first steps into the dangerous work of dungeon delving. The group was already down by three members, a deadly trap claiming the two dwarf brothers and the young elven mage. As Freddo walked cautiously down the hall, he could hear the screams of someone far off, no doubt the last cries of some other adventuring fool, meeting his end here in the deadly halls of the crypt of the damned.

This is Dark Dungeon, Crypt of the Damned, the newest Dark Dungeon adventure for the solo system presented by Avalon Games. Can you gain the glory and treasure that awaits you in the dark passages under the greatest city in the world, do you dare even try?