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Dark Dungeon 2, Mini-Game #20, Lair of the Spider Cult PDF

$ 2.49

Trisha stopped as the rest of the party moved down the dark hallway, she was sure she had heard a sound. Sure enough there was a flash of light off a gleaming blade as the trap sprang open, the two warriors in front of Trisha screamed as they were cut in two. As these two died, the young elven mage leaped for her life, rolling as she hit the hard, cold stones of the dungeon floor. Coming to a stop in the corner, Trisha thanked her ancient ancestors for once again aiding her in her quest. Looking over to the rest of the adventures, she could see that they were in various stages of death or dying, the trap having cut most of them down at the knees. Standing Trisha eyes grew wide in horror, for as her companions all lay in terrible pain and agony, coming up the passage was a carpet of crawling spiders, each the size of her hand.

This is Dark Dungeon, Lair of the Spider Cult. The newest Dark Dungeon adventure for the solo system presented by Avalon Games, can you gain the glory and treasure that awaits you in the dark passages under the greatest city in the world. Do you dare even try?

Note that this is not a stand alone game, you need a copy of Avalon Game's Mini-Game #18, Dark Dungeon to play this expansion.