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Cursed Empire 2nd Edition: Dark Clouds of War

$ 21.99

Here you have it, the third Cursed Empire Empire Dark Fantasy Role-Playing Game Supplement. Cover artwork is by Rob Larson who did the superb art for the Sourcebook and Darkun Darkun Supplement covers, interior art is by Rik Martin and Amandine Labarre.

Supplement Includes:

  • 10 New Druid Spells
  • 7 Druid Gatherings: - Bears; Custodians; Hawks; Green-Leafers; Protectors; Visionaries & Wolves
  • 7 Druid-Priest Brotherhoods: - Kaegrenn; Magdaelenn; Predictors; Skargann Soothsayers; Truth-Finders; Vankor
  • 10 Druid NPCh's
  • 9 Druid-Priest NPCh's
  • Rlishan Society
  • Politics
  • Interaction Chart