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Daring Tales of Chivalry #03 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 6.99

In an ancient land lie dark secrets!

Our heroic retinue has arrived in the marshy land of East Anglia. It seems to be gripped by a permanent winter that has made the local marsh people turn to the pagan gods hoping they can return the true order of the seasons.

All is not what it seems as our heroes discover an oasis of good weather keeping the Danbury lands in permanent summer. They soon discover an ancient devilish pact with an ancient folk called the Fae has secured this false summer. Can they uncover the truth of the Fae and more importantly break the curse?

Find out more in The Danbury Pact, a brand new adventure from Triple Ace Games for Daring Tales of Chivalry.

Author: Dave Blewer

Page Count: 24