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Daring Tales of Adventure: Compendium Four (Savage Worlds)

$ 14.99

Daring tales of adventure take you on a wild ride!

Adventures in this compendium are:

  • Sword of Kings
  • The Devil’s Chalice
  • The Muramasa Curse
  • The Black Pharaoh

Daring Tales of Adventure Compendium Four contains four two-fisted pulp adventures for the award-winning Savage Worlds roleplaying game.

The discovery of a secret chamber embarks the heroes on a quest to locate the fabled sword of King Arthur—Excalibur! Whoever wields Excalibur, so the legends say, will be the rightful King of Britain. But what if it falls into the wrong hands! The heroes are on a desperate quest to retrieve the relic before Nazis, but are they the only villains seeking the Sword of Kings?

A ship crashing into Boston Harbor and a botched attempt by the Nazis to kidnap a Romanian scholar embroil the heroes in a sinister plot which could have serious repercussions for the whole world! Hitler has dispatched his minions to hunt down an ancient relic—the chalice Dracula used to become an immortal vampire! The stakes are high as the hunt begins for The Devil’s Chalice.

Japan has invaded Manchuria, forcing the Chinese government to ransack ancient tombs before the invaders can loot the country’s ancestral heritage. Our heroes have been hired to help clear one such tomb. But the characters aren’t the only interested party—a rogue Japanese general hell bent on restoring his family to glory desires proves to be an indomitable and relentless foe. The race is on, but will The Muramasa Curse strike before the characters can complete their goal! Find out in this action-packed pulp tale!

Guarding a starlet on a movie set isn’t really heroic work, but the pay is good and it’s a free vacation. But what begins as a babysitting gig soon turns into something far more sinister, as villains equipped with weird science devices attack the starlet. Is her Egyptian style necklace the reason? From the dusty tombs of ancient Egypt to the Acropolis of Athens, the heroes are plagued by dastardly villains with strange powers whose master, the mysterious Black Pharaoh, intends to conquer the world by manipulating the flow of time!