Daring Tales of Adventure #15 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 6.99

War and treachery in the Far East!

Japan has invaded Manchuria, forcing the Chinese government to ransack ancient tombs before the invaders can loot the country's ancestral heritage. Our heroes have been hired to help clear one such tomb. But the characters aren't the only interested party-a rogue Japanese general hell bent on restoring his family to glory desires proves to be an indomitable and relentless foe.

This rollercoaster adventure takes the characters from a trapped Chinese tomb to the glittering streets to Shanghai and onto mystical Tibet. But fanatical Japanese soldiers and black-clad ninja are intent on preventing the heroes achieving their goal.

The race is on, but will The Muramasa Curse strike before the characters can complete their goal! Find out in this action-packed pulp tale!

The Muramasa Curse is the penultimate Daring Tales of Adventure in the current series from Triple Ace Games.

Author: Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams

Page count: 29