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Daring Tales of Adventure #14 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 6.99

It's time for high tea and hijinks as the heroes visit England!

When Jimmy wins a competition to work on an archaeological dig in a Crusader castle in the Holy Land it seems like an ideal time for a vacation, but nothing ever runs smoothly when the heroes are involved! The discovery of a secret chamber embarks them on a quest to locate the fabled sword of King Arthur-Excalibur!

Whoever wields Excalibur, so the legends say, will be the rightful King of England. But what if it falls into the wrong hands!

Our heroes' quest takes them first from trapped Crusader ruins to see their old friend Stavros in Istanbul. From there they have chance to walk beneath the academic spires of Oxford University, peruse the wondrous galleries of the British Museum, and even take part in fox hunting through the English countryside. Finally, the heroes must explore four (real world) sites connected to the legend of King Arthur.

The heroes are on a desperate quest to retrieve the relic before Nazis, but are they the only villains seeking the Sword of Kings?

Author: Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams

Page count: 26