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Daring Tales of Adventure #12 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 7.50


Chasing mobsters over a frozen Alaskan lake might be fun, but when an airplane suddenly drops from the sky and the heroes are attacked by Nazi rocket troops you know it's not a normal day! And when a Russian priest staggers into their lives with a tale of a holy relic from Tunguska being sought by the Nazis, it's definitely a day to remember!

Following the clues, our intrepid heroes visit the vast expanse of Mother Russia. Here they must unravel the location of the sacred Stone of Tunguska while avoiding ruthless NKVD agents, the trigger happy Soviet airforce, and the evil machination of a Nazi weird scientist with a love of cryogenics. The former exile city of Irkutsk and the frozen wastes of Siberia form the backdrop for the frantic chase.

Can the adventurers uncover the Legacy of Tunguska? Find out in this two-fisted tale of action and adventure!

Author: Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams

Page count: 23