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Daring Tales of Adventure #10 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 7.50

Where under the world are they!

When last we left our intrepid heroes they were plummeting down a mine shaft inside an erupting volcano.

Where have they ended up?

Prepare to unlock the secrets of the world beneath your feet, as the Daring Tales enter the hollow earth. In their quest to escape to the world they know, the adventurers must tangle with nubile but deadly Amazons, battle pirates from a bygone age, face the bloodthirsty ancestors of the Aztecs, cross through deadly swamps, explore the ruins of a lost city, and defeat the Nazis!

With death lurking at every step of their journey, will the heroes have what it takes to survive the Kingdom of the Blood Gods?

Daring Tales of Adventure: Kingdom of the Blood Gods is the tenth publication in this popular Savage Worlds line by Triple Ace Games.

Author: Paul Wiggy Wade-Williams

Page count: 24