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Daring Tales of Adventure #09 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 6.99


When a scientific mission to a previously unexplored island off the South American coast goes missing, it is up to the brave and fearless heroes to come to the rescue!

But all does not go well, for the rescuers soon become stranded on the mysterious, jungle-swathed island. Exploration brings the heroes into contact with degenerate tribesmen, ferocious beasts from a bygone age, deadly traps, and vile Nazis plague our heroes every step of the way.

Can the heroes discover what happened to the lost expedition? Will they end up as dinner for the local inhabitants? Are they capable of decoding ancient hieroglyphs in order to avoid a terrible fate? Can they thwart the Nazis' dastardly plan?

Find out in this action-packed pulp adventure from Triple Ace Games!

This adventure is part one of a two part story.
You will require Daring Tales of Adventure #10: Kingdom of the Blood Gods to run the complete adventure. Kingdom of the Blood Gods picks up the action exactly where this issue ends!

Art: Jordan Peacock
Author: Paul 'Wiggy' Wade-williams