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Daring Tales of Adventure #03 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 6.99

The race is on!
Can you find the Templar treasure?
Daring Tales of Adventure #03 takes the characters on a whirlwind ride from the streets of Washington to the baking sands of Egypt, onto a Crusader castle, and finally to a vast ice fortress in the frozen north, and all in search of a treasure that men have killed to acquire and killed to protect-The Treasure of the Templars.

An invitation to Washington to attend a lecture seems innocuous enough, but nothing is ever straightforward when the heroes are around. When a mysterious motorbike rider makes a daring theft and snatches a small wooden box from the hands of the noted historian, Professor Dickinson, it starts the heroes on a deadly quest. You soon discover that the Nazis are behind the theft-but what do the Nazis want with this small wooden box?

Note: Some of the features in this ebook use Adobe Javascript and require Adobe Reader.

Author: Paul 'Wiggy' Wade-Williams

Page Count: 22


This is a PDF downloadable title.