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Daring Tales of Adventure #01 PDF (Savage Worlds)

$ 6.99

Welcome to a brave new world of Pulp action!

Triple Ace Games presents the first instalment of Daring Tales of Adventure. Get the adventure and download the pre-generated heroes for free direct from www.tripleacegames.com/FreeDownloads.php and start playing! Every month we will bring you new tales in which your heroes can explore ancient tombs, battle evil villains and discover new locales!

Each of the pre-generated heroes has been designed and pre-programmed with their advancements making it simple to upgrade your hero's skills and attributes for the next Daring Tale!

To kick start your pulp action the first Daring Tale has two adventures ready for you run! When a friend says he has important information he wants to discuss, you know it's the start of something big! Nazi agents, deadly Amazonian flesh eating insects, a kidnapped reporter, and a daring raid on Washington D.C. are all in a day's work for heroes who want To End All Wars!

A missing scientist, a villain with plans of becoming a king, ancient puzzles, a deadly maze, a mythical creature that is not all the legends say it is, and a book whose contents could spell the end of mankind all mean its Chaos on Crete!

Daring Tales of Adventure #1 marks the start of a new line of pulp adventures for Savage Worlds. Each adventure is designed for four characters with a wide-range of skills. Pre-generated characters designed for this adventure are available free online from the Triple Ace Games website.

This adventure also contains Tripe Ace Games' unique pulp setting rules, designed to make two-fisted adventures more exciting and truer to the source than ever before!

Note: Some of the features in this ebook use Adobe Javascript and require Adobe Reader.

Page Count: 24

Author: Paul 'Wiggy' Wade-Williams

This is a PDF downloadable title.