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$ 6.95

Cybernaut is a two-player game of combat in both the real and virtual worlds between elite Government Cyberwarriors and opposing Rebel Hackers in Joseph Miranda's vision of an oppressive future.

The Cybernaut (rebel) player maneuvers his or her agents through the real world accumulating equipment and software to cope with dangers and government defenses in the virtual world.

The Government player maneuvers his or her agents through the real world in an attempt to apprehend or eliminate Cybernauts before they can enter cyberspace and conduct attacks on government computer systems.

Once inside cyberspace, the conflict changes to program versus program as jacked in Cybernauts battle Government ICE and other defense systems. Penetrating government systems provides players with incriminating data and keys to other systems which can ultimately bring down the entire government. Long live the fighters!

120 Full-Color, Double-Sided DIY Markers
One 11"x17" Full-Color Map
16 Page Rules Book and Strategy Guide

A Six-Sided Die is also required to play.