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Cursed Empire Second Edition

$ 49.99

After recent success in Europe and direct customer feedback this second edition of the core rulebook expands on the strengths of the 1st:

  • Enhanced design, layout and artwork.
  • Character generation has been streamlined and also includes points based creation rules.
  • Races and Classes get an overhaul here with expanded background and a host of new subclasses.
  • Added flavour text assists in setting the unique gritty feel to Cursed Empire.
  • Combat rules incorporate an optional reduced set of rules.
  • Magic benefits from the extra rules relating to the use of the Spellcasters Rune Deck
  • Background material focuses on more detail than the 1st edition.
  • All unique creatures to Thargos are expanded and fully illustrated (Rik Martin).
  • Maps are enhanced (Amandine Labarre).
  • The Points of Renown (PR) rules are expanded.
Note: This copy has the original name Crimson Empire on the book. The only difference is the name.