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Cowboy Bebop: Big Shot Screen

$ 27.90

With the Big Shot Screen of Cowboy Bebop RPG, you will have a useful tool for experiencing a thousand memorable adventures, travelling through the solar system.

Structure of Sessions, Tests, Clocks and their effects, Tabs, Secrets of the Bounty you're chasing: the screen has everything you need! Useful information, tables and charts to make your hunt a unique experience.

Inside the package, you will also find a Cowboy Bebop Solar System Map and Character Sheets from the anime series, ready to be used, in case you wanted to play your favourite characters: who will you choose? Faye? Spike? Ein, the corgi? Eventually, you will also find some pre-generated Session Sheets, useful for starting your session immediately.

All images and concepts used in this book from the Cowboy Bebop anime series are ©️ SUNRISE. This product is licensed by SUNRISE, INC. to Don't Panic Games.