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Conjurer, Mini-Game #16 PDF

$ 4.99

Julia watched as her foe summoned a Hydra with a flourish and a puff of green smoke. Jarrird had always been a bit of a show off Julia thought as she watched the many-headed beast slither about on the ground before its new master.

No matter she smiled, her enemy could be as showy as he wanted to be, it would not stop her from crushing him under her boot heel. Knowing the Hydra would still be a bit dazed from its master's summoning spell, and thus vulnerable, Julia quickly sent her Goblins in to kill it. The small green warriors each drew their short sword and rushed the larger creature, each yelling a shrill battle cry as they charged. Julia knew the little green Goblins would have no chance against the many heads of the Hydra, but she hoped to at least hurt it a little bit so her Minotaur could finish the job. Once his last defender had been taken care of, well Jarrird would be next.

This is Conjurer, another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Play a skilled wizard as they battle other spell casters in a duel of summoning. Each magician has the skill to summon various monsters to their aid, monsters they then may send into battle in a desperate attempt to kill their foe before they themselves are dragged down. Skill, cunning and a little bit of luck is need to be a successful conjurer and thus master over all those that would stand against you.