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Comic Book Heroes, Set #1, Mini-Game #25 PDF

$ 4.99

The blue color of your cape leaves an azure streak across the city skyline as you fly above the buildings on patrol. It has been a peaceful night over all, only one bank robbery, and that you stopped with the help of Kid Zip. The explosion rolling out of the building below you then breaks the silence. You watch with your super eyesight as the green color smoke rolls out of the window of one of Sonic Labs windows. You watch as Doctor Death leaps into the air from that very window, a beaker of the hyper explosive, chemical Y, tightly held in his armed fist. You thought he was still in jail, serving a 300-year sentence for his last attempt at destroying the city. With a sigh you dive into the coming fight, sure it will be another long night ahead. Who said being a super hero was all capes and fun.

Comic Book Heroes is a multi player card game where you take on the role of either a super powered hero or one of their many villainous foes. Streaking through the skies in your hyper jet boots, or crash through brick walls with your super strong muscles. All the thrills, excitement and goofy fun of classic comics are here within Comic Book Heroes. Struggle with and aid other players as they battle each other to see who will be the hero supreme.

So let the cosmic beams fuel your dreams of glory, the mutant genes turn you into a freak with a heart of gold or allow sinister plots to fill you with a destiny for glory and dominance of all mankind. Play Comic Book Heroes and live the adventure.

Each set comes with two characters, a hero and a villain with 18 cards for each. The set also comes with 18 common cards and 18 new common cards only available with that set, for a total of 72 cards per set.