Battletech: Combat Operations

$ 12.50

The FedCom Civil War:
89 Federated Suns regiments/RCT/Militia units
75 Lyran Alliance regiments/RCT/Militia units
41 mercenary regiments

8 ComStar Divisions
11 Draconis Combine regiments
2 Capellan Confederation regiments
All fought across a thousand lights on well over a hundred planetary systems for five long years. Now you can recreate it!
The Classic BattleTech Combat Operations rules expansion is the most comprehensive rules system for campaign play ever published for BattleTech.
Modern Warfare: Provides players with a primer on how war is waged by each major faction in the BattleTech universe.

BattleTech Operations Rules: Provides expanded rules for the creation, running and play of any type of military force.

AeroTech 2 Operations Rules: Expanded rules provide additional depth of play for any AeroTech 2 game, as well as integrated BattleTech and AeroTech 2 play.

Infantry Platoon Construction: Extensive rules for constructing almost any type of standard infantry platoon found in the BattleTech universe are provided.

Strategic Game: A rules framework that allows players to run grand-scale campaigns utilizing every aspect of warfare-combat, technology, subterfuge and assassination, politics and more-is provided.