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Colonial Gothic: Witchcraft PDF

$ 0.99

Hidden in the shadows of the Colonies are many evil things. Monsters
stalk the night, people swear oaths to dark powers, and Agents of the
Occult & Supernatural work to harm all. One group feared and whispered
about are Witches. Though some feel that the legends of Witches and
Witchcraft are nothing more than just that, legends, some know the
truth. Witches live and Witches desire to harm all.

Colonial Gothic: Witchcraft is your guide to this threat. With new
rules, and expanded background, this sourcebook is ready for you to
add dark threats and vile creations in your games.

In addition to the new rules, included is an excerpt from one of the
most important works in the history of Witchcraft: King James VI
Daemonologie. Written to prove that witchcraft not only existed but
thrived. Written in three parts, the work is a dialogue between two
figures who discuss and debate not only the existence of Witches, but
also of the influence Satan has on the world. When King James became
King James I of a united Scotland and England, a new edition of his
work was published in 1603.

New magic, new threats, and new ideas. Do you dare study a threat to
the Colonies?