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Colonial Gothic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow PDF

$ 0.99

Authors: Richard Iorio II & Washington Irving

Format: 44 page PDF

Perfect for any time of the year, comes Washington Irving's classic --
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Included in this new presentation is not just the classic story, but a
new sourcebook giving you the not only the village of Sleepy Hollow
but The Tappan Zee ready for inclusion in your Colonial Gothic
game. From the history of the region, to advice on how to use the
region, everything you need for using Irving's classic setting is
provided here.

Numerous mysteries exist in The Tappan Zee and so too does many
dangers. Do you have the courage to brave Raven Rock? Is it true
Captain Kidd's treasure is located somewhere in the area? Why are the
graves missing bodies? These are just some of the questions waiting to
be answered.