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Colonial Gothic: The Journey to Norumbega

$ 19.99

1559: a time of discovery and exploration. In the New World, an ancient power sleeps, awaiting the stars to align in order to rise again. Are you ready? It has been 500 years since the Old World last had contact with Norumbega. Is it a city of magic and gold, or of terror and death? The time has come, the stars have aligned, and a new cycle begins. THAT WHICH HAS SLEPT stirs. Almost 50 years before the founding of Popham, and 30 years before Roanoke, the New World remains a vast place of mystery. No one knows what this land hides, or who—or what—waits in the shadows watching and hunting. There is a dark power that sleeps here, and its awakening will set great and terrible events in motion. What you learn there may be something you wish you never knew. Assuming, that is, you survive your journey to the New World to discover it…